About Vibratory Tub Finishing Machine

        Let me ask a question first: If you have some parts with a longer appearance, such as a length of more than 500mm, can our existing finishing machines be used? The answer is no. The length of the workpiece processed by the centrifugal barrel or disc polishing machine generally cannot exceed 300mm. Although the length of the barrel tumbling finishing machine can exceed 500mm, it is not suitable for polishing because of its low efficiency. Rapid finishing and polishing in large quantities and with high efficiency are not it's features. Although the current vibratory bowl finishing machines are relatively versatile, they are unable to handle some workpieces that are too long, because the channel width inside the machine's working bowl generally does not exceed 500mm. So if you want to polish and deburr this type of workpiece, you need to use a long-chamber vibratory finishing machine. The working chamber of this polishing equipment is a long rectangular tub. The length of the customized tub can reach 2-4 meters. It is a special polishing machine specially suitable for polishing extra-long parts. The heavy-duty designed work tub can handle large product workpieces, but for some products that cannot collide with each other, such as large impellers, automobile aluminum alloy wheels, etc., some dividers can also be designed and installed inside the tub to form separate chamber, each product is finished and polished in an independent working chamber, without causing surface damage caused by collision of workpieces with each other. This model is also very suitable for finishing and polishing some large products such as marble tiles, engine casings, and engine crankshafts. ShineTec provides universal standard tub-shaped vibratory finishing machines, and can also customize models according to the length and width of your workpieces. The working volume can range from 15L to 3000L, making it the best equipment for finishing and polishing ultra-long and ultra-wide parts.
Frequently asked questions about rectangular tub finishing machines:
  • 1.What is vibratory tub finishing machine?
  • The vibratory tub finishing machine is a polishing machine that uses vibration to deburring, descaling, cleaning, degreasing, deflashing and polish the surface of product parts and workpieces. It can be used to polish large and irregular workpieces with complex shapes. To avoid collisions between workpieces, divider can be installed inside the tub to allow each product of the same batch to be processed in a separate work chamber. The workpiece materials processed can be metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics, etc. If you have some large products that need to be finished and polished, then this rectangular tub finishing and polishing machine is a good choice.
    ShineTec's linear tub vibratory finishing machine
  • 2. Can you tell me how a vibratory tub finishing machine works?
  • The working principle of the vibratory tub finishing machine is similar with othervibratory bowl finishing machines . When machine working, you need to put the workpiece, abrasive media, appropriate amount of finishing liquid and water into the machine. After the machine is started, the abrasive media and the workpiece will roll together longitudinally. The abrasive media will rub on the surface of the workpiece, which can remove burrs and oxidation layer on the surface of the workpiece. The time of the entire grinding process is determined according to the condition of the workpiece surface. The longer the burr or the thicker the oxide scale, the longer it takes. After finishing is completed, you will get a batch of products with the same surface grinding effect.
  • 3.What device and abrasive media are required for the polishing process of ShineTec vibratory tub finishing machine?

  • 3.1 Tub finisher. The machine consists of a rectangular working tub, vibration motor, electrical control box and other mechanical accessories. Working chamber. The workpiece, tumbling media, finishing compound, and water are put into the tub together, and then a series of surface treatments are performed, such as deburring, descaling, degreasing, chamfering, cleaning, polishing and brightening. These operations can be completed in the same batch .The tub is also lined with wear-resistant PU glue to prevent the workpiece from being damaged by the machine and abrasive wear on the iron plate inside the tub body of the machine. Vibration motor. The vibration motor is installed at the bottom of the working tub or at both ends of the tub. If it is at the bottom, only one motor is needed. If it is installed at both ends, two identical motors are needed. Water and liquid filling system. The grinding liquid and water are pumped into the working tub by a pump. The finishing liquid can be used to soften the surface oxide layer and speed up the grinding efficiency. It also has the function of cleaning oil stains under the combined action of clean water. Electrical control box. You can use the switch to control the machine to adjust the tumbling speed and vibration frequency of the machine. It also has overcurrent and overvoltage protection to prevent the motor from overloading.
    3.2 Ceramic media. The ceramic media generally used for deburring is called a deburring media. It is the main material involved in the deburring process. Because of the different content and grit size of the corundum sand contained in it, the deburring media are divided into heavy cutting force, medium cutting force and light cutting force. By rubbing the surface of the workpiece, the burrs and scale are removed.
    3.3 Water. Water plays several roles in the vibratory finishing process. First of all, water can lubricate and buffer between the workpiece and the abrasive media, so that the surface of the workpiece will not be damaged by impact. In addition, it can also cool down the machine. If there is no water involved in the grinding process, just dry finishing will cause the work tub to be damaged. The temperature becomes very high, which can easily damage the PU lining, while also preventing dust pollution. Finally, it can also wash away abrasive debris, workpiece burrs, oxide scale and other impurities produced after finishing.
    3.4 Polishing liquid. Polishing liquid helps speed up the finishing and cutting process. It can also prevent metal product workpieces from being corroded after contact with water. After polishing with compound liquid, the surface of the product can become more shiny.
    Working principle of ShineTec vibratory tub finishing machine
  • 4.Are there other different names for vibratory tub finishing machines?
  • There are many different names. For example, rectangular tub finisher, tub tumblers, linear vibratory finishing machines, tub polishing machines, tub deburring machines, etc.
  • 5. What finishing and polishing processes can the vibratory tub finishing machine handle?
  • 5.1 Deburring. Burrs on the surface of product parts can be removed through the deburring process. We all know that burrs and flash can cause harm to users. After this process, the product becomes safe and easy to use.
    5.2 Smoothing and polishing. After smoothing and polishing process, the surface of the product will become brighter and the gloss will be further improved. If used with special polishing media and compound, the product will become dazzling and shiny. This is called brightening treatment.
    5.3 Degreasing and decontaminating. After the product is machined, a layer of sludge and dirt on the surface is difficult to clean. Ordinary manual cleaning is too inefficient and difficult to remove. The tub-shaped vibrating finishing machine can quickly clean the oil stains on the internal and external surfaces, dead corners, and holes in large quantities. It is the best automatic cleaning, degreasing and decontaminating process.
    5.4 Deflashing. Burrs, flashes are also annoying defects on the surface of workpieces. It is a quality problem that must be eliminated. A vibratory tub finisher can also achieve this purpose.
    5.5 Descaing. The tub polishing machine can also easily remove the oxide scale on the surface of the workpiece.
  • 6.What is the difference between the vibratory tub finishing machine and other finishing machines?
  • The first is that the length of the workpiece finished can be extremely long, such as more than 1 meter. Secondly, the working tub of the machine is open and unsealed. Compared with centrifugal polishers and barrel polishers, this structure allows users to observe the surface condition of the product at any time during the finishing process and evaluate whether it meets the predetermined standards. Furthermore, for some special large product components, such as aluminum alloy wheels, turbine blades, marble and other products that are not allowed to collide with each other, the working chamber can be separated and each product can be finished separately. It can be seen that the tub-shaped vibratory finisher is a finishing and polishing equipment with unique and specialized purposes.
    ShineTec's linear vibrating tub finisher
  • 7. What are the applications of ShineTec's vibratory tub finishing machines in different industries?
  • 7.1 Automobile parts. Some large automobile parts with complex shapes, such as hubs, gears, fasteners, engine casings, crankshafts and other parts, can be polished with a rectangular vibratory tub finishing machine.
    7.2 Aerospace. For example, turbine blades and precision instrument parts can also be finished and polished using machines.
    7.3 Medical devices. Medical devices have complex and irregular shapes and are also precision parts that can also be polished separately using a tub polisher.
    7.4 Military equipment. For example, bullet casings, firearm parts, etc. can also be used for finishing and polishing.
    7.5 Jewelry. For example, pendants and jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum, etc. can also be polished with this machine.
    7.6 Construction hardware. Various profiles, hoops and other fasteners can also be used for finishing and polishing.
    7.7 Daily hardware. Bathroom ware, kitchenware, accessories, etc. can be finished and polished with a tub polisher.
    7.8 Ceramic marble. Marble tiles for home decoration, ceramic crafts and the like can also be used for polishing.
    7.9 Plastic parts. It can be used to remove burrs, flash, mold closing lines, and can even be used to polish brightness.
  • 8. What abrasive media can be used for vibratory tub finishing machines?
  • This tub finisher can use almost all abrasive media:
    8.1 Plastic media. Also called resin media, polyester media, polyester media. If the workpiece material is some soft metal, such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper, etc., polyester media are the best choice. Its impact on the workpiece will not be too great, so it will not damage the workpiece and cause scratches, pitting and other phenomena. The treated surface has low roughness and is suitable for pretreatment before coating, painting, and electroplating.
    8.2 Ceramic media. The material isceramic deburring media, silicon carbide deburring media, white corundum finishing media, chrome corundum finishing media, 3P precision finishing media, etc., as well as high-alumina porcelain media without cutting force, high-density porcelain polishing media, stainless steel media, etc. There are different product shapes, specifications and sizes. If you need a tumbling media with strong cutting force, then please choose various types of finishing media with cutting force; if you just want to polish the surface brighter, then abrasive media without cutting force are the best choice.
    8.3 Bio-degradable abrasive media. Examples include natural walnut shell chip and corncob chip. They can be used for light finishing, drying, or as polishing materials to achieve a polishing effect close to a mirror surface.
  • 9. What are the workpiece sizes that the vibratory tub finishing machine can handle?
  • It can handle very small product workpieces, such as the size of a fingernail; it can also handle large product parts, even those with a length of more than 4 meters.
  • 10.What is the suitable power supply for the vibratory tub finishing machine?
  • Tub-type vibrating deburring machines usually support 380V/3-phase/50Hz power supply. If some machines are exported to foreign countries, they need to customize 460V or 480V motors. Please confirm the voltage, frequency and other electrical specifications you need before ordering a machine.
  • 11. What routine maintenance can extend the service life of the vibratory tub finishing machine?
  • Listed below are things you need to pay attention to on a daily basis:
    11.1 Regularly check the mixing ratio of abrasive media, water, and workpieces in the machine. Because the abrasive will wear out after long-term use, the working tub also needs to maintain an appropriate amount of water to lubricate and buffer the grinding process. If the abrasive or water is insufficient, it will need to be added. Do not keep very few tumbling media in the machine to save on abrasive costs. Too small abrasive media ratio will increase grinding and polishing time and damage the surface quality of the workpiece.
    11.2 Check the condition of the machine before starting it every time. Make sure the machine is in good operating condition.
    11.3 Regular maintenance. In addition to some visual inspections, such as damage to PU lining and fractures of accessories, it is also necessary to pay attention to the condition of some fasteners, the aging of transmission components, and the lubrication of vibration motors. Good usage habits can ensure a longer service life of the rectangular tub vibrating polishing machine.
  • 12.What is the difference between the vibratory tub finishing machine and other vibrating finishing machines?
  • The working chamber of other vibratory polishing machines are bowl, but some workpieces are not suitable for finishing and polishing in annular containers. The tub-type vibrating finishing machine is the best choice for some large and long workpieces.
  • 13. What is the difference between the surface quality of vibratory tub finishing machine and manual finishing?
  • The difference between these two finishing and polishing methods is huge. The use of a vibratory tub finisher can ensure that the workpiece is always in a continuous finishing and polishing process, in which the cutting force is consistent and uniform, and the surface condition of the workpiece can be observed at any time to decide whether to stop finishing. The strength of manual finishing and polishing is inconsistent, and the finishing quality of the surface depends on the proficiency and skill of the worker. Therefore, the surface quality after grinding is uneven. If the workers' skills are not up to standard, a lot of scrapped products may be produced, which will greatly increase the processing cost.
  • 14. What are the tub capacity specifications of the vibratory tub finishing machine?
  • The working volume can be from 15 liters to about 3000 liters. There are many different volume specifications to choose from.
  • 15. What types of vibratory tub finishing machines are there?
  • There are many different models depending on the machine's working tub volume and the installation position of the motor. Installing the motor at the bottom can make the machine very small. If it is a model of more than 300 liters, it is generally necessary to install two identical motors at both ends of the machine to drive the tub to vibrate.
    Vibrating tub finishing machine
  • 16.What are the benefits of using a vibratory tub finishing machine?
  • The main benefit is that the workpieces which be finished and polished can be large parts. Supports separate processing of the same batch of workpieces in the machine.
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