High Energy Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

Centrifugal Barrel finishing and polishing machine, also known as high energy disc finisher and polisher, operates by installing four hexagonal barrel on a high energy rotating disc to generate strong centrifugal force, and the barrels are driven by synchronous belts or gears. It performs reverse rotation at the bottom, causing high-speed rolling and mutual friction between the tumbling media in the barrel and the workpiece, which plays a role in finishing and polishing the workpiece surface, and can achieve deburring, chamfering, descaling, deflashing, degreasing, cleaning in a very short time. Improving surface brightness. Because of the high operating speed of the machine, this model is currently the batch automatic surface treatment equipment with the highest polishing efficiency among all mass finishing machines .

The abrasive media is in a state of high-speed motion in the hexagonal barrel, so it can penetrate deep into the inner walls and gaps of the workpiece and other parts of the workpiece that are difficult for general machines to reach. It is especially suitable for the polishing treatment of the internal and external surfaces of complex parts with special-shaped cavities, and can also give the inner surface of the product a glossy finish. Get a good effect like mirror polishing.
Because the centrifugal finishing barrel inside the machine cannot be too large, this model is suitable for deburring and finishing processing of small and medium-sized parts in batches. The overall dimensions of general workpieces are within 200mm. During the operation of the machine, the workpiece and ceramic tumbling media are sealed in the barrel. Therefore, the surface condition of the workpiece cannot be checked at any time during the operation. The processing effect can only be observed after the barrel is opened after completion.


1. Chain drive or nylon gear or synchronous belt drive. The service life and working noise generated by different transmission components will also be different.
2. The control box can adjust the speed.
3. Sliding door safety lock device, when the sliding door is opened, the machine stops to ensure operational safety.
4. The lining of the barrel can be made of PU or rubber. Rubber can withstand high temperatures and can run for more than twice as long as a barrel lined with PU. However, the disadvantage is that the rubber particles produced may contaminate the surface of the workpiece.
5. Multiple partitions divider can be cast inside the barrel to isolate workpieces that are afraid of collision to prevent the workpieces from being damaged by each other.
6. An automatic screening device for workpieces and ceramic tumbling media after unloading can be added.

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