Arc-shaped Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine with Separator

Vibratory finishing machines (also known as vibratory finisher,vibrating finishing machine), as the name suggests, uses the excitation force generated by the vibration motor to drive the tumbling media and workpiece in the working chamber of the machine to produce a reciprocating three-dimensional spiral tumbling motion, so that the workpiece and the tumbling media rub and grind with each other to remove burrs, oxide scale, and oil stains on the surface of the workpiece and improve the surface brightness.
Since the inner wall of the working chamber is a curved arc design, such a structure will generate greater pressure during the finishing and polishing process, which can improve the finishing efficiency of the machine in a relatively short period of time, while the spiral chamber bottom and the progressive italic chamber wall structure can prevent the workpieces from adhering to each other or sticking to the PU lining, and avoids the problem that parts of the workpiece cannot be finished and polished.
The difference between this model and the arc-shaped vibratory finishing machine without separator is that this machine has an internal device for automatically screening abrasive tumbling media and workpieces. After the finishing task is completed, the workpieces can be automatically separated and output from the screen port, there is no need to manually grab each piece from the machine, which greatly improves the separation efficiency of workpieces and abrasives tumbling media after batch finishing and reduces work intensity.
It is suitable for deburring, descaling, deflashing, chamfering, degreasing and polishing of various workpieces of metal and non-metal products. It is especially suitable for surface finishing of complex parts with special-shaped cavities. Due to its open working chamber design, it is suitable for mass finishing machine of large quantities of small and medium-sized parts. It has strong versatility and simple operation, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

The finishing and polishing process does not destroy the original size and shape of the workpiece. In addition, during the work process, the processing status of parts can be randomly checked at any time.
Because a screening separator needs to be integrated inside the machine, the machine capacity needs to be at least 100L. The weight and outer dimensions of the workpieces that can be processed are also smaller than those of models without a screening separator. Too large, heavy workpiece will crush the screening separator at discharge port.
Since the workpiece moves together with a large number of abrasive tumbling media, this machine is not suitable for workpieces that are too thin and require prevention of deformation. In addition, since the workpieces will be in a state of rolling vibration when being output from the separator port, this model is not suitable for workpieces that require collision prevention.


1. Sound Hood(Acoustic Lid): It can reduce noise and prevent foam splashing caused by polishing fluid.

2. Control box: facilitates safe operation of the equipment and protects the motor from current overload.

3. Frequency converter: It can adjust the vibration frequency of the machine to achieve the effect of adjusting the operating speed and vibration intensity.

4. Water&Liquid filling device: It can realize the automatic filling of polishing liquid and appropriate amount of water according to the meter during the operation of the equipment.

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