About Vibratory Tumbler

  • 1. What can a vibratory tumbler do?
  • Vibratory tumbler is a type of tumbling finishing and polishing machine. It is a device that uses three-dimensional spiral vibration to deburr and polish product parts and workpieces. If you don't know where to find equipment or tools that can automatically perform large-volume, high-efficiency, mechanized finishing and polishing, then ShineTec's vibratory tumbler is your best choice. This kind of polishing machine is suitable for automatically surface treatment of deburring, descaling, deflashing, chamfering, smoothing, degreasing, and cleaning, brightening of some complex special-shaped product workpieces with irregular shapes. Whether it is very small parts or large product components, can be finished and polished.
    U-shaped vibratory tumbler with separator
  • 2. How is a vibratory tumbler different from other mass finishing machines?
  • 2.1 The vibratory tumbler uses the eccentric excitation force generated by the vibration motor installed at the bottom of the working bowl to drive the tumbler media and workpiece in the bowl to perform a three-dimensional spiral tumbling motion. The abrasive media and the surface of the workpiece rub against each other to produce cutting effects. To achieve the purpose of finishing and polishing. The process is automated, batch-processed and easy to operate.
    2.2 The working bowl is open, you can see the real-time surface finishing effect of the product in the machine, and monitor the working status of the entire process at any time, such as the surface quality of the workpiece, The movement speed and direction of the tumbler media and the workpiece, the ratio of abrasive media, water and finishing compound liquid, etc.
    2.3 A simple automatic screening device can be installed inside the vibratory tumbler. After the finishing process is completed, the workpiece and the tumbler media can be automatically screened and separated, which greatly saves the labor intensity of workers' manual pick-up and improves screening efficiency.
    2.4 The product models are rich, and the working capacity ranges from 30L to 3000L, including more than ten styles, to meet your finishing and polishing needs for parts and components of different sizes.
  • 3. Is there anything special about ShineTec vibratory tumbler when polishing?
  • Compared with other finishing and polishing methods on the market, vibratory tumbler have the following characteristics:
    3.1 Fully automatic, mechanized and large-volume. As long as the workpiece, abrasive media, water, and compound liquid are added to the machine, after starting the machine, workers can run to do other things, and the entire deburring and polishing process can be unattended.。
    3.2 It is suitable for automatic finishing and polishing of large quantities of parts with multiple specifications and complex shapes. For example, a machine with a capacity of 1000L can place 500 kilograms of workpieces at a time, and products of different sizes can be placed in the same batch. From a few millimeters to several meters, they can be processed in the same working bowl. Some parts of the product such as cross holes, dead corners, and gaps that cannot be processed by ordinary polishing equipment can also be used to meet the finishing and polishing needs by selecting appropriate tumbler media.
    3.3 Processing costs are low. The one-time purchase cost of the machine can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, and the tumbler media depend on the wear and tear. Because the abrasive media provided by ShineTec have high hardness and strong wear resistance, the wear of the products can reach less than 5%, so the using cost of consumables is extremely low. In addition, when the machine is running, only part of the labor is required when loading and unloading materials, and the labor cost is also very low. Compare with manual finishing and polishing or other process such as electrochemical polishing and other process methods are extremely advantageous.
    3.4 Environmentally friendly. The vibratory tumbler mainly uses abrasive media with cutting force such as corundum sand for deburring. It is a purely mechanical grinding process. The sludge generated can also be directly discharged through sedimentation, filtration, centrifugal separation, etc. A small amount of < a href="/product-category/chemical-compound/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">polishing fluid is also a neutral environmentally friendly solution, compare with chemical polishing with strong alkali solution, it can not be same.
    ShineTec's vibratory tumbler
  • 4. Is the running cost of a vibratory tumbler high?
  • The purchase cost of the machine can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands dollars, and it can generally be used for more than a few years. The price of rough finishing media is also ranges from a few to more than ten dollars per kilogram. Generally, the machine can be used for more than a few years. It can also be used for several months to several years, and some polishing media like porcelain media, high-density porcelain media,etc. These tumbler media's losses are smaller and can generally last for several years. Although stainless steel media are expensive to purchase at one time, they have almost no wear and can be used for a very long time.
  • 5.What is the price of a vibratory tumbler?
  • As can be seen from the above cost analysis, the price of buying a vibratory tumbler is not expensive. It can be said that if your product is suitable for using a vibratory finishing machnie for deburring, descaling and other processes, then you can believe that you have obtained extremely low finishing and polishing processing costs.
  • 6.What factors should you consider when purchasing a vibratory tumbler?
  • The first factor to consider is the working capacity of the machine, that is, the volume of the machine's working bowl. So first, you need to confirm what the quantity or weight of the workpieces you need to process every day is? How much product do you need to finish per batch? There is a rough ratio between volume and processing capacity for your reference. Generally, for a working volume of 100 liters, the actual loading capacity is about 80%, that is, 80 liters, and the corresponding loading weight is about 80 kilograms, that is, the total weight of tumbler media + workpiece does not exceed 80 kilograms. Based on this ratio, based on your products need to be finished and polished, you can roughly estimate the volume of a vibratory tumbler. Another factor that needs to be considered is whether it is necessary to fine-finish and polish the surface brightness of the product after rough deburring, descaling and other operations? Because the tumbler media used for fine finishing are different from those used for rough finishing, if your product still needs fine finishing after rough finishing, you will need to replace the abrasive media in the machine. If the daily processing volume is relatively large, you will need to purchase two machines, one is used for rough finishing and the other is used for fine polishing.
  • 7. Can you tell me how a vibratory tumbler polishes?
  • First, you need to put the tumbler media and the workpiece into the machine, add an appropriate amount of clean water, the water surface should not cover the abrasive media, only need a layer of water at the bottom of the bowl, then add an appropriate amount of finishing liquid, generally a 100L machine only needs Just add about 100ml. After the machine is started, observe the tumbling and rotating direction of the abrasive and the workpiece in the working bowl. The normal grinding movement is that the abrasive media and the workpiece tumble from the outside to the inside of the bowl, and at the same time perform a clockwise rotation. These two movements in the machine are a constant cycle. If the direction is wrong, please adjust the angle between the eccentric weights at the upper and lower ends of the motor, or reverse the wiring positions of the two live wires of the three-phase power cord. After the finishing process is completed, rinse it with clean water while the machine is running, and then you can pick it up. Machines with a volume of less than 100L can manually pick up items directly from the machine, and those with a volume above 100L can use the machine's built-in separator to automatically screen and pick out items.
    eccentric weight of vibratory motor
  • 8. How long does it take for a vibratory tumbler to finish and polish?
  • The finishing and polishing time depends on the actual surface condition of the parts. There are two main factors that affect grinding time, one is the cutting force level of the tumbler media, and the other is the size of the machine. The tumbler media with heavy cutting has strong cutting force, the shorter the cutting time, and vice versa. The larger the working bowl volume of the machine, the greater the tumbling force of the abrasive and workpiece inside, the greater the cutting force, and the corresponding shorter time. Operations such as rough cutting, deburring, and descaling can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, but fine finishing and polishing generally takes about 30 minutes per batch.
  • 9. Can I use the same vibratory tumbler for deburr and brighten?
  • Yes, as long as your workpieces is in time to deal with the quantity. But the tumbler media used in finishing and polishing are different, and the media need to be replaced each different process. This process is time-consuming, so it is recommended to prepare two vibrating tumblers at ordinary times, one for rough finishing and the other for fine finishing and polishing.
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