High quality durable straight cut cylinder tumbling abrasive porcelain media for surface precision finishing

Straight cut cylinder ceramic porcelain media, also called pins-shaped vibratory polishing abrasive media, are mainly used in vibratory bowl, centrifugal disc, centrifugal barrel, and tumbling polishing and mass finishing industries. As a high quality porcelain media ,working with tumbling finishing machine, It can perform brightening and burnishing on the surface of the workpiece and at the same time add luster and brightness.
The main component of high-alumina porcelain polishing media is a mixture of alumina powder and various clays, which undergoes a melting reaction at a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees to form a product with a hard stone texture. The material composition of high-density porcelain media and general porcelain polishing media are similar, except that the alumina powder content of high-density porcelain is much higher than that of general porcelain, so it has a higher product density and stronger hardness. The density can reach about 2.9 g/cm3. The arc curve of the straight cut cylinder fits the product surface of the polished special-shaped workpiece better, and can have a better light decoration effect on the product surface. Its disadvantage is that it has no extended sharp corners or edges, and cannot touch the corners, gaps, pits and other parts of the workpiece that are not easily accessible to general porcelain polishing media.
The alumina content of high-density porcelain media is very high, which can reach about 90%. It has the characteristics of high density, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance, low water absorption, and stable chemical properties. It can withstand the corrosion of acids, alkalis and other organic solvents. This vibratory porcelain media is an economical and widely used non-metallic polishing media, which can be used with finishing and polishing machines to meet the requirements of industrial manufacturing for product surface brightness and high efficiency. The particle size of the alumina powder used reaches about 1500 mesh. Using different clay component ratios and sintering temperatures, the products can have different density, which are suitable for different materials and product hardness requirements of the workpiece.

High-density porcelain tumbling media can meet the polishing and brightening needs of products in the following industries. The effect of brightening and burnishing is better than that of general-density ceramic porcelain media:
Mechanical accessories, plastic products, auto parts, 3C digital, metal casting, electronic devices, medical equipment, hardware parts, kitchen supplies, aerospace, 3D printing, textile workpieces, powder metallurgy, electrical components, mint industry, jewelry, instruments Instruments, handicraft accessories and other industries.

Because we have mastered the core manufacturing technology of high-density porcelain tumbling media, our products have excellent properties such as high hardness and high wear resistance. They produce less sludge during the finishing process and have high polishing efficiency. Compared with similar products on the market, our products are more durable. The durability can be improved by 3-5 times, which can provide customers with the most cost-effective and high-quality products.

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