High quality finishing compound for surface finishing and polishing

The finishing compound is a slightly brown transparent mucus-like aqueous liquid. The product is widely used for descaling, deburring and cleaning of stainless steel, black, non-ferrous metal and other parts. This product is non-toxic, does no harm to the human body, does not pollute the environment, and is an ideal choice for various industries. Ideal product for finishing and polishing metal-like parts.
It can be used together with Vibratory Bowl Polishing MachineCentrifugal Barrel Polishing MachineCentrifugal Disc Polishing MachineTumbling Barrel Polishing Machine and other deburring machines and Ceramic Finishing Media, used in the first rough grinding process of product finishing to soften the oxide layer of the workpieces and parts, clean the surface oil stains, and improve the surface quality of the product and the role of finishing efficiency.
Suitable for stainless steel parts: such as stainless steel (iron) tableware, utensils, medical equipment, stainless steel rivets, standard parts, decorative parts; ferrous metal parts: such as bearings, gears, textile accessories, oil pump nozzles, pneumatic components, Bicycle spare parts, sewing machine parts, fishing gear, wind instruments, daily hardware tools, hardware parts, etc.
Neutral finishing compound is suitable for aluminum alloy die-casting parts: such as motorcycle parts (steering heads, handlebars, engine box shells, wheel hubs, lifting rings, damping rods, etc.), aluminum alloy covers in hardware tools, spray gun shells , automotive aluminum alloy die-casting parts, air conditioning compressor parts, aluminum rivets, etc. There are also copper parts, zinc die-casting parts, powder metallurgy parts: such as toys, integrated oil filters, carburetors, sanitary ware, etc.
Finishing Liquid can meet the needs of product deburring and finishing in the following industries:
Mechanical accessories, plastic products, auto parts, 3C digital, metal casting, electronic devices, medical equipment, hardware parts, kitchen supplies, aerospace, 3D printing, textile workpieces, powder metallurgy, electrical components, mint industry, jewelry, instruments Instruments, handicraft accessories and other industries.

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