What is an automatic wastewater treatment system?

About Automatic Wastewater Treatment System

  • 1.What is an automatic wastewater treatment system?
  • The automatic wastewater treatment system is a small complete set of environmentally friendly treatment equipment that automatically recovers and treats sewage and sludge generated during the grinding, finishing and polishing process.
    You only need to connect the wastewater generated during the finishing and polishing process to the working tank of the automatic sewage treatment machine, and it will handle the rest. If your factory needs to continuously produce finishing, polishing, cleaning wastewater and waste liquid every day and you don’t know how to deal with it, ShineTec can provide you with this professional integrated complete set of sewage treatment equipment and machinery to solve your environmental discharge problems.

    ShineTec's automatic wastewater treatment system
  • 2. Why is wastewater treatment needed?
  • The finishing process of deburring and descaling requires the use of various abrasive media and Chemical Finishing Compound. Most abrasive media such as ceramic media, high alumina porcelain media, resin media and other materials will produce a large amount of sludge due to wear during the grinding process. This sludge is mixed with metal debris and other impurities that fall off the workpiece due to wear and tear. If not cleaned in time, the surface of the product will be worn. Therefore, during the finishing and polishing process, it is necessary to flush with water from time to time, and then flush with clean water. The waste water discharged from the drain outlet of tumbling finishing machine must be treated Environmentally friendly treatment and discharge directly.
    In addition, a large amount of clean water is used during the finishing process, and it is also mixed with chemical additives such as polishing compound. For environmental reasons, you cannot discharge this wastewater directly into the surrounding environment.
    This automatic sewage treatment system can solidify and dry sludge, recycle wastewater, and meet environmental protection requirements. It can well solve the problem of not knowing how to treat wastewater.

  • 3. Can the water treated by the automatic wastewater treatment system be reused?
  • Yes, the water treated by the automatic sewage treatment machine can be reused in the tumbling finishing machine.
  • 4. How does the automatic wastewater treatment system treat the sludge and sewage generated after finishing and polishing?
  • The wastewater discharged after finishing and polishing is introduced into the wastewater treatment tank of the automatic sewage treatment machine, which is also called a coagulation sedimentation tank. By adding some treatment agents to the water, usually called coagulants or coagulants, the particles that are difficult to settle in the water can aggregate with each other to form colloids, and then combine with other impurities in the water to form larger flocs. The large organic particles in the polishing liquid are adsorbed by the flocs, increase in volume and sink. The well-reacted wastewater is pumped into the filter press system for solid-liquid separation, forming mud cakes for solid waste treatment. The filtered water has been discharged up to standard and can be used for secondary use.
    automatic sewage treatment machine sludge filter press
    automatic sewage treatment machine wastewater filtration
  • 5. Can an automatic wastewater treatment system reduce the amount of water used in the finishing process?
  • Yes, because the water treated by the automatic sewage treatment machine can be reused, which will greatly reduce the amount of water consumed by your factory in finishing and polishing processes. The recycled water can be recycled 3-5 times, which can save you a lot of water costs.
  • 6. How does the automatic wastewater treatment system reduce the cost of sludge treatment?
  • After the wastewater containing sludge is filtered by this sewage treatment system, the solid content of the mud cake can reach 50%-70%. The volume and weight are greatly compressed, and solid waste can be directly treated without the need for large-capacity sedimentation. The pool is handled by dedicated staff. The cost of sludge treatment can be greatly reduced.
  • 7. What are the benefits of using a wastewater treatment system?
  • 7.1 The disposal of large amounts of waste liquid generated during large-scale finishing and polishing processes is a very troublesome problem. It costs a lot to deal with it through a professional third-party recycling company. Configuring a large-capacity sedimentation tank yourself also requires a lot of capital and labor costs. Now you can invest in a set of small wastewater treatment equipment and machinery at one time. It perfectly solves the problem of environmental protection and is really a cost-effective solution.

    7.2 Recycling after sewage treatment can save you a lot of water costs and also bring you direct benefits.

    7.3 During the finishing and polishing process, a large amount of recycled water can be recycled to clean the workpiece to avoid debris and impurities during the finishing process from damaging the surface of the workpiece, causing problems such as pitting and scratches. It also improves the surface quality of the workpiece and avoids worries about using water. If the amount is too large, it will reduce the cleaning time during the grinding process and reduce the finishing efficiency or produce defective products.

    7.4 Easy to operate. The automatic sewage treatment machine provided by ShineTec is a set of fully automated water treatment equipment that is easy to operate and use. The flow of waste liquid between systems is all through pipelines, without manual handling and no complicated structure. The machine has a special electrical control box for automatically controlling the machine’s operation. It does not require specialized operators and is easy to operate.

    7.5 Extremely low running costs. The consumables used daily after the automatic sewage treatment system is purchased are coagulants or coagulants used in the sedimentation treatment tank. This amount is very small, so the cost is extremely low.

  • 8. Where can automatic wastewater treatment system be used?
  • ShineTec’s automatic sewage treatment system can be applied to wastewater and waste liquid generated in a variety of industries, such as finishing and polishing, cleaning, electroplating, printing and dyeing, spraying, ink production, printing, mechanical processing and other industries. It has the characteristics of fast water output, clear filtrate, The filter residue has the characteristics of good peelability and mud biscuits.
  • 9. How long is the service life of an automatic wastewater treatment system?
  • The automatic sewage treatment system is a one-time investment that can be used for a long time. The consumables usually needed are coagulants or coagulants, as well as filter cloth used in the filter press system.
  • 10. Are there different models of automatic wastewater treatment system?
  • According to the amount of water processed by the filter press system, we introduce the following specifications and models:

    10.1 Water treatment capacity: 1-3 cubic meters, Machine dimensions: 2100*850*1600 mm.

    10.2 Water treatment capacity: 3-5 cubic meters, Machine dimensions: 2300*1300*1800 mm.

    10.3 Water treatment capacity: 5-8 cubic meters, Machine dimensions: 2500*1300*1800 mm.

    10.4 Water treatment capacity: 8-10 cubic meters, Machine dimensions: 3000*1300*1800 mm.

    As a manufacturer of automatic sewage treatment equipment, we can also design and customize a fully automatic sewage treatment system that meets your requirements based on your actual needs. If you don’t know where the best automatic wastewater treatment system is or which is the best automatic sewage treatment equipment, you can contact us and we can give you a satisfactory answer.

  • 11. How many operators are required for an automatic wastewater treatment system?
  • Automatic sewage treatment system do not require specialized operators. This is a small, fully automatic sewage treatment equipment. The operation is very simple. It only requires simple training to operate it. It can be operated when treatment is needed. There is no need to arrange full-time personnel.
  • 12. What are the main components of an automatic wastewater treatment system?
  • The automatic sewage treatment system is a set of small integrated sewage treatment equipment. It is specially designed for use scenarios with limited space and small amount of water treatment. Its main components are as follows:

    12.1 Reservoir. Includes a sedimentation tank and treated clear water tank. The sedimentation tank is used for preliminary treatment of injected sewage.

    12.2 Dosing device. The coagulant is extracted from the dosing metering pump and put into the sedimentation tank quantitatively. After mechanical stirring, the tiny molecules in the sewage undergo a flocculation reaction and accelerate precipitation.

    12.3 Filtering system. The sewage in the sedimentation tank is extracted by a pneumatic diaphragm pump and sent to the filter press. After pressure filtration, the sludge is pressed into mud cake. The sewage is filtered and turned into clean water, which flows into the clean water tank for recycling.