What is vibratory deburring machine?

About Vibratory Deburring Machine

  • 1. What can the ShineTec’s vibratory deburring machine do?
  • Because the machine uses the spiral three-dimensional vibration deburring and polishing principle, it is called a vibrating deburring machine.
    This is the most commonly tumbling deburring equipment. It can be used to automatically and efficiently remove burrs, scale, flash, mold lines, turning lines, rust, oil on surface of parts and workpieces in large quantities. It’s good at surface finishing treatments such as smoothing, chamfering, cleaning, polishing, brightening and increasing the surface strength of the workpiece.
    The machine uses tumbling, rotating, and vibrating methods to complete the finishing and deburring of the workpiece in a controlled manner. The ceramic deburring media with cutting force interacts with the parts under the action of excitation force, the surfaces of the workpieces and media rub together to remove burrs or oxide layers.

    ShineTec's automatic vibratory deburring machine

  • 2. What equipment or materials are used to complete the vibratory deburring process?
  • The vibratory deburring process is mainly completed by the following equipment and materials:

    2.1 Vibrating deburring machine.
    The vibrating deburring machine is mainly composed of a vibration motor, a vibration working bowl, springs, and an electrical control box. These components are combined to achieve automatic deburring.

    2.2 Water.
    Vibrating deburring mainly uses wet finishing, so an appropriate amount of water needs to be used during the grinding process. It can buffer the collision between the deburring media and the workpiece, and can also clean the sludge on the surface of the workpiece. It is an indispensable part of the grinding process.

    2.3 Tumbling deburring media.
    The deburring media and workpiece are mixed together and put into the working bowl of the vibratory deburring machine. The deburring media contains corundum sand with cutting force, which can deburr the surface of product parts. The intensity of deburring depends on the content of corundum sand contained in the deburring media.

    2.4 Chemical deburring liquid.
    deburring liquid is also poured together with the media and workpiece in the work bowl. There are different types of deburring compound, such as liquid and paste, and some also have anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects.

  • 3.Can you tell me how the ShineTec vibratory deburring machine deburrs?
  • The vibratory deburring machine has a circular bowl-shaped working chamber for loadingceramic media and product workpieces. The working bowl is lined with wear-resistant PU glue, and a vibrating motor is installed inside the machine. The lower part of the bowl is suspended and supported by a circle of springs.
    First, the ceramic deburring media needs to be added into the bowl together with the workpiece, deburring fluid, and water. After the machine is started, the motor drives the working bowl to produce a three-dimensional spiral motion. The deburring media in the machine rotates and rolls in the bowl and rubs against the surface of the workpiece, so that the burrs on the surface of the part can be cut away.
    The movement of the deburring media in the working bowl is continuous and reciprocating, so that the surface of the workpiece can be deburred, cleaned and polished.

    Working principle of ShineTec vibratory automatic deburring machine
  • 4.What is the difference between a vibratory deburring machine and other deburring machines?
  • The vibratory deburring finisher provided by ShineTec is the most versatile and easy-to-use deburring equipment on the market. Suitable for large-volume, automated, high-efficiency surface treatment such as burr, flash, scale, rust removal. Help save time and reduce labor costs. The biggest difference between this model and other mass finishing machines is it has a wide range of models and can be used for small and medium-sized product workpieces of different sizes and materials. It is simple and convenient to operate, can check the deburring and finishing effect at any time, and has a low purchase cost.
  • 5.What are the advantages of ShineTec vibratory deburring machine?
  • In addition to removing burrs and scale, it can also be used to chamfer to facilitate the assembly of parts.
    After the deburring process is added to the product, the surface quality will be greatly improved, and the return rate of your product workpieces will be greatly reduced.
    Deburring and cleaning the product before painting or painting can improve the adhesion of the paint layer and improve the overall aesthetics of the product.
    After being processed by a vibrating deburring machine, the strength of the product surface can also be increased, improving the quality and service life of the workpiece.
    In short, the vibratory deburring machine can be applied to various metal or non-metallic product parts, and is also suitable for irregular and complex-shaped special-shaped workpieces. It is a multi-purpose finishing and polishing artifact.
  • 6.What are the typical application fields of vibratory deburring machines?
  • Most products in machining, casting and forging, injection metallurgy, mold manufacturing and other industries require deburring during the manufacturing process. The product material may be plastic, metal, wood, alloy, etc. Use ShineTec vibrating deburring machine, with the correct selection of deburring media, finishing compound and appropriate amount of water, it is very simple, you can expect a satisfactory surface treatment.
    The control of deburring time is also a factor that affects the grinding effect. The same machine can achieve different purposes with abrasive media of different materials and shapes and finishing liquid of different uses, such as deburring, descaling, chamfering, rounding, deflashing, smoothing and other requirements.

  • 7. Can the vibratory deburring machine be used at home?
  • Our vibratory deburring machine is suitable for use with 3-phase/380V industrial power supply and is therefore not suitable for home use. Household use requires an additional customized 220V/single-phase motor, which is costly and uneconomical.
  • 8. Are there any differences in the size of the workpieces that the vibratory deburring machine can be used to deburr?
  • Our deburring machines are suitable for processing various types of workpiece with different specifications and complex shapes. The dimensional accuracy of the product will not be affected after processing.
  • 9. How many workpieces can a vibratory deburring machine process at one time?
  • The number of workpieces that a vibratory deburring machine can process at one time depends on the volume of the machine’s working bowl. ShineTec can provide machines with different volumes from 30L to 1200L.
    It also depends on the size of the workpiece. The smaller the workpiece, the greater the quantity that can be processed at one time.

  • 10. What are the power requirements for a vibratory deburring machine?
  • Required industrial power: 380V/3-phase/50Hz. If you want to use it on household power supply, you need to customize a 220/single-phase motor. Because the exciting force of civil electric motors is relatively small, the working volume of the machine does not exceed 100L.
  • 11. What deburring media are mainly used in vibratory deburring machines?
  • The effect of deburring depends on the selection of the correct and suitable deburring media. The higher the abrasive sand powder content and the larger the grit size, the cutting force will increase accordingly, but the wear resistance will decrease. The smaller the deburring media, the smoother surface after deburring will be better than the larger tumbling media.
    The types of deburring media are as follows:

    11.1 ceramic deburring media. There are different deburring strengths such as heavy cutting, medium cutting and light cutting. Heavy cutting tumbling media can grind and deburr workpieces made of harder materials, such as iron, titanium alloys, hard plastics, ceramic products, etc. Medium cutting and light cutting tumbling media can finish precision parts such as stainless steel and alloy steel.

    11.2 plastic media. Also called resin deburring media, also known as polyester media. Usually used for precision finishing, deburring and polishing workpieces. Especially suitable for soft metal workpieces, such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper, etc. If ceramic deburring media is used to deburring these materials, scratches, pitting, and color dissipation will occur.

    11.3 stainless steel media. Stainless steel media are mainly used to improve the gloss and brightness of metal workpiece surfaces. It can also be used to polish some fine burrs on the surface of certain plastic or ceramic products.

    11.4 Natural bio-degradable media. If you are looking for an abrasive media that has the ability to gently and slightly deburr, then plant-based organic abrasives like walnut shells, corn cobs, etc. are a good choice. This kind of abrasive media can simulate the polishing effect of a cloth wheel. Through long-term finishing under slight cutting force, the surface of the workpiece can achieve an effect close to mirror polishing, so many people also call it mirror polishing media.
    This kind of abrasive can also be used as a drying media for surface drying after grinding and polishing of products. It also has the function of absorbing oil stains on the surface of the workpiece. It is a safe and environmentally friendly bioabrasive.
  • 12. What routine maintenance can extend the service life of the vibratory deburring machine?
  • For example, is the vibration motor lubricated regularly every month? Check whether the PU lining of the working bowl is damaged? Is the discharge port filter blocked by sludge? Is the vibration spring on the base of the machine broken?
    Vertical vibration motor lubricating oil filling port
    Vibrating deburring machine base spring
  • 13. How to choose the correct deburring media to match the vibratory deburring machine?
  • Tumbling deburring media selection plays a key role in the process of deburring. The abrasive sand in the tumbling media plays a role in finishing and polishing burrs on the workpiece.
    So how to choose the correct finishing media when deburring? There are currently four main categories of mass finishing media. Commonly used materials include brown corundum ceramic media, plastic deburring media, stainless steel polishing media and Natural bio-degradable abrasive media.
    These abrasive media have different cutting forces and different specifications and shapes, such as triangle, sphere, cylinder, three-star, cone, pyramid, wedge, etc.
    In order to fully reach the workpiece with complex shape during deburring, the upper shape can be made into a chamfered shape.
    Also consider whether the deburring media will clog holes and crevices in the workpiece. Generally, we will propose a selection plan for deburring machines and finishing media based on providing process samples testing.
    What are the best deburring machines and process solution and methods for deburring? Only after sufficient process testing and comprehensive consideration of surface effects and processing costs is the best solution.

    Commonly used tumbling media for deburring, descaling, finishing and polishing