What is a centrifugal dryer?

About Centrifugal Dryer

  • 1.What is a centrifugal dryer?
  • Centrifugal dryer, also called centrifugal hot air dryer, industrial spin dryer and dehydrator, is a commonly used auxiliary equipment in the tumbling finishing and polishing industry.
    It uses a centrifugal disk to rotate at high speed to drive a stainless steel barrel to perform centrifugal motion to dry the water on the surface of the workpiece in the barrel. It is supplemented by heated air generated by an electric heating tube in a heating box connected to the inside of the machine, dry the workpiece.
    It is suitable for the drying, dehydration and degreasing processes of small hardware and mechanical parts such as electroplated parts, watch parts, tableware, springs, screws, plastics, electronic components, etc.

    ShineTec's centrifugal dryer
  • 2. Are centrifugal dryers the same as home dryers?
  • No, centrifugal dryers are completely different machines from household dryers. They belong to different application fields. Centrifugal dryers are industrial equipment used to heat and dry hardware parts, mechanical parts, and precision parts. The power requirements for commonly used machines are 380V/3-phase/50Hz, while household Dryers all use 220V/single phase/50Hz, so the working principles of centrifugal dryers are completely different and cannot be confused.
  • 3. What is the use of a centrifugal dryer?
  • At present, most of the deburring and polishing processes using vibrating, tumbling, and polishing processes use wet finishing process with water, chemical finishing compound, chemical polishing compound and other chemical liquid. After polishing, there will be residual moisture on the surface of the product or a small amount of polishing liquid that has not been cleaned. If not dried, the workpiece will be easily oxidized or corroded when exposed to the air. Only after centrifugal drying with with hot air blowing can the surface be kept dry to prevent corrosion and rust.
  • 4. How to use centrifugal dryer?
  • Using the centrifugal dryer is as follows:

    4.1 First, place the centrifugal dryer and dehydrator on a flat ground. A little trick for installation is to place the machine directly on a used car tire. This can prevent the machine from shaking and facilitate installation.

    4.2 Before starting the dryer, check whether the power switch is working properly and whether the fixed position of the stainless steel inner barrel in the machine is in place. The rotation direction of the barrel body should be in the same direction as the arrow. Turn on the electric heating switch and check whether hot air is discharged after a few minutes. If there is still no hot air after 5 minutes, stop the machine and check whether the air outlet is blocked.

    4.3 The lid must be closed during the dehydration and drying process, and the machine must be stopped when loading and unloading the inner barrel. Note that the materials in the barrel must be rotated evenly before starting, otherwise the centrifugal drying machine will shake violently due to unbalanced centrifugal force.

    4.4 Before stopping, it is best to disconnect the power supply and then apply the brakes. Do not brake without turning off the power supply. The dehydration dryer can only dehydrate without heating, but it cannot only heat without rotating the motor.

    stainless steel barrel of centrifugal dryer
    foot brake of centrifugal dryer
  • 5. What is the processing capacity of a centrifugal dryer?
  • The centrifugal dryer has two models: S400 and S500. The inner barrel dimensions are 300X400mm and 300X500mm respectively. Therefore, this machine is suitable for dehydrating and drying some small-sized parts and components. It cannot operate at full load and the material volume does not exceed the barrel capacity. 80%.
  • 6. How much does a centrifugal dryer cost?
  • Depending on the model of the centrifugal dryer, the processing capacity is also different, and the price starts from a few thousand. It is a practical drying equipment widely used in the finishing and polishing industry. We can also customize non-standard products such as barrel size and heating power according to your needs. Different quotations are available for specific needs.
  • 7. Which centrifugal dryer is the best?
  • The body shell of the centrifugal dryer provided by ShineTec is also made of stainless steel plates. As a responsible manufacturer, we provide a one-year warranty and can also customize non-standard products that meet your requirements according to your special needs. If you don’t know where to find the best centrifugal dryer and are looking for a reliable centrifugal dryer manufacturer, please contact us.