Stainless steel pipe ,tube fittings deburring, descaling, chamfering, mirror polishing process technology

How to deburr, descale, mirror polish the stainless steel pipe, tube fittings?

Stainless steel pipe and tube fittings can be divided into industrial and food hygiene grade products according to their uses. Industrial stainless steel pipe, tube fittings are generally used in chemical, oil and gas, papermaking, medicine, metallurgy, aerospace and other fields, and the inner and outer surfaces basically do not need to be polished. In the fields of food hygiene and pharmaceuticals, the inner and outer surfaces need to be mirror polished. The traditional polishing process is to finish with a manual emery wheel. In this case, we will share a deburring, descaling, chamfering, polishing and brightening process technology and method of 304 stainless steel elbow pipe fitting product. This finishing process solution is also suitable for removal of deburrs, oxide layer, and polishing of other materials such as titanium alloy and carbon steel pipe and tube fittings.

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    • 2024-06-13


Deburring, deflashing, descaling, mirror polishing technology, method for stainless steel pipe tube fittings

1. Stainless steel pipe and tube fittings before polishing
burrs and oxide scale on stainless steel pipe fittings before polishing


304 stainless steel


burrs, oxide scale on surface




DN20 120°

Pre-polishing process:

extrusion molding

Post-polishing process:


2. Finishing and polishing requirements
  • deburring, descaling.
  • smooth surface, mirror polishing.
3. Stainless steel pipe, tube fittings polishing process details:
Process steps (1) deburring,descaling, chamfering of rough finishing (2) fine finishing to reduce roughness (3) mirror polishing
Machine and equipment vibratory finishing machine vibratory finishing machine mirror polishing machine
Speed highest highest highest
Mass finishing media spherical ceramic media cone polyester media mirror polishing media
abrasive media to workpiece 4:1 6:1 8:1
Chemical compound finishing compound polishing compound polishing paste
Water appropriate amount, liquid level does not exceed abrasive media appropriate amount, liquid level does not exceed abrasive media no
Polishing time 120 minutes 60 minutes 120 minutes
Remark parts separated and picked up automatically, rinsed with water parts separated and picked up automatically, rinsed with water mirror polishing
4. Stainless steel pipe and tube fittings after polishing
deburring,descaling, mirror polishing of stainless steel elbow pipe, tube fittings
stainless steel elbow pipe, tube fittings deburring,descaling,mirror polishing

5. Additional instructions
  • During the extrusion and stretching process of stainless steel pipe, tube fittings, the surface tensile lines and pits should not be too high or too deep. If the surface stretching lines and flash are too thick due to the mold, they need to be rough-grinded and leveled with a belt sander first, and then put into the machine for finishing. In order to improve the batch processing capacity, the rough grinding machine adopts a vibratory bowl finisher with heavy-cutting spherical tumbling deburring media to remove burrs and oxide layers.
    Fine finishing uses light-cutting precision finishing media, cone-shaped plastic media with fine abrasive grit to further reduce surface roughness.
  • After fine finishing, use a mirror polisher and mirror polishing materials to acheive mirror polishing effect.

6. Final summary
  • In this case, we demonstrated the process of automated deburring and descaling of the outer surface of a 304 stainless steel elbow pipe fitting to achieve mirror finishing and polishing.
  • If you need professional technical support for deburring,deflashing,descaling, chamfering, mirror polishing of stainless steel short pipes, tubes, tees, crosses, heads, flanges, caps and other pipe fittings or the following stainless steel product parts, you can refer to the above cases:
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