How to deburr, descale, deflash, finish and polish precision aluminum alloy die casting gearbox housing

Deburring, deflashing, descaling, finishing and polishing technology for precision aluminum alloy die casting gearbox housing

Aluminum alloy die-castings are widely used in the production and manufacturing of mechanical parts in the electronics, automobile, aircraft, shipbuilding, motor, home appliance and other industries. They have the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. However, defects such as burrs, flash, and sharp edge often occur during the production process, so the surface finishing process of the product is particularly important. In this case, we will share a process technology and method for the automated and efficient deburring, deflashing, descaling of aluminum alloy die-casting parts for automobile gearbox housings. This polishing process solution is also suitable for the surface finishing of other die-casting parts made of soft metal materials such as zinc, magnesium, and copper.

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    • 2024-06-03


deburring,deflashing, descaling and polishing effect of aluminum die-casting gearbox housing

1. Aluminum alloy die-casting gearbox housing before polishing
surface burrs, oxide scale of aluminum die-cast gearbox housing


aluminum alloy


deges burrs,surface oxide scale.


irregular shape


300*260*150 MM

Pre-polishing process:

high pressure casting

Post-polishing process:


2. Finishing and polishing requirements
  • deburring,deflashing,descaling.
  • smooth,bright surface, no burrs, no oxide scale.
3. Aluminum alloy die-casting gearbox housing polishing process details:
Process steps (1) finish to deburr,deflash,descale (2) cleaning (3) vibratory drying
Machinery and equipment vibratory finishing machine vibratory finishing machine vibratory dryer
Speed highest highest highest
Tumbling media Cone resin media Angle cut cylinder porcelain media corn cob polishing media
Abrasive media to workpiece ratio 4:1 4:1 8:1
Finishing and polishing compound finishing liquid cleaning liquid no
Water appropriate amount, liquid level does not exceed abrasive media appropriate amount, liquid level does not exceed abrasive media no
Polishing time 60 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Remark parts separated and picked up automatically, rinsed with water parts separated and picked up automatically, rinsed with water vibratory drying
4. The effect of deburring, deflashing, descaling and polishing the aluminum alloy die-casting gearbox housing
deburring, deflashing, descaling, polishing, brightening effect of aluminum alloy gearbox housing
finishing, polishing, burnishing effect of aluminum alloy gearbox housing

5. Additional instructions
  • The gearbox housing is produced by high-pressure casting of aluminum alloy. The product has high precision and a smooth surface, but burrs and flashes will appear on the edges and holes of surface, which need to be polished. Therefore, a finishing process combining rough deburring, deflashing, descaling and cleaning is adopted. The rough finishing adopts a vibratory finisher with medium cutting force cone plastic media. The sharp angle of the tumbling media can reach into the grooves, corners and inner walls to remove burrs and flash.
    A vibratory polishing machine is used for cleaning. The abrasive media is made of precision finishing material without cutting force angle cut cylinder porcelain polishing media. This tumbling porcelain media has a high density and has a polishing and brightening effect, which can further reduce the surface roughness.
  • In order to improve the anti-rust performance of the product after water treatment, use a vibrating dryer with corn cob drying media to absorb moisture and dry the inner and outer surfaces.

6. Final summary
  • In this case, we demonstrated the process solution of automated deburring, deflashing, descaling and polishing of a precision die-cast aluminum product, a gearbox housing, used in the automotive parts industry.
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